Mission of The Grifols Academy of Plasmapheresis

To build on the Company’s rich history and experience to enhance the educational and professional development opportunities for all employees. The Academy is dedicated to continuous improvement through lifelong learning and innovation by offering general and specialized education in the field of plasma science in the key disciplines of leadership, quality, operations, medical and safety.

Mission of The Grifols Academy of Plasmapheresis Mission of The Grifols Academy of Plasmapheresis


In order to enhance the educational and developmental opportunities for Grifols employees, the Academy has established the following goals:

  • To provide standardized interactive courses that foster critical thinking skills, sound leadership competencies, intellectual and professional growth and are current with industry standards.
  • To design and deliver curriculum in a combination of methodologies including classroom instruction, hands on activities, goal-based scenarios and computer eLearning modules applicable in the bioscience business models/biopharmaceutical industry.
  • To provide Academy participants with a professional, engaging learning environment, the opportunity to network with their colleagues, and support in addressing any questions or concerns.
  • To evaluate feedback and satisfaction surveys and take appropriate action to ensure continuous improvement.
  • To ensure compliance with all regulatory guidelines related to the Academy's administrative procedures and processes.
  • To ensure instructional personnel have relevant subject matter knowledge, experience and the skills to provide effective instructional delivery and an engaging learning environment.

Organization and structure

The Academy is directed and advised through the leadership of the ten-member Academy Board.

Appointed by the Steering Committee, Ms. Beth Eacret is the VP, Academy of Plasmapheresis & Safety, as well as the Chairman, Academy of Plasmapheresis Board. The Grifols Academy, US Board members include Mr. Eduardo Herrero, Mr. Charles Auger, Ms. Beth Eacret, Ms. Teresa Adams, Dr. Marilyn Rosa-Bray, and Mr. Tony Procaccio, all of whom are existing members of our Senior Management Team representing our Medical, Quality, Operations and Training departments. Dr. Marla Salmon, who is a Professor of Nursing and Public Health at the University of Washington and a Board member of Grifols, Inc., joined the Academy Board of Directors in 2014.

Board member Ms. Teresa Adams also holds the title of Senior Director, Grifols Academy of Plasmapheresis. She oversees the main campus in Glendale, AZ, the branch campus in Indianapolis, IN, as well as the four satellite campus locations utilized for off-site training.